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Cooking class in Sapa Luxury hotel

Cooking class of Sapa Luxury Restaurant


Detailed itinerary


9:30 AM:      Start your cooking class with a tour go to the Sapa market.

10:00 AM:    Return to our restaurant and enjoy welcome drink.

10:30 AM:    Start cooking:

                      Meet the chef and prepare the dish. Our chef first show each dish before you prepare the same dish yourself.

                   The cooking lesson is very pratical and hands on 12:30 PM

12:30 PM:     The end of your lesson. The chef tase and score your dishes after that it is the time for enjoy all the dishes.

1:30 PM:       End our cooking class.


                           SET MENU COOKING CLASS

1. Banana flower and chicken salad.

2. Fresh spring rolls.

3. Fried spring rolls.

4. Chicken with lemongrass and chilli.

5. Seasonable vegetable.

6. Seasonable fruits.

7. Steam rice.

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